Cordless Garden Tools Manufacturer in China

NINGBO KINGS TOOL CO., LTD is a leading manufacturer of garden tools in China.

  • We specialize in battery-powered garden tools.
  • Over 7000 square meters of factory and sufficient production capacity.
  • Providing ODM and OEM services.
  • Find your cordless garden tools solution here!

Cordless Garden Tools Series

KINGS is a professional supplier of Electric garden tools. Our products include Cordless Grass Shear, Cordless Lawn Mower, Cordless Hedge Trimmer, Cordless Chain Saw, Cordless Grass Trimmer, Garden Vacuum Blower, Cordless Snow Thrower, and so much more. Equipped with brushless motors and lithium batteries throughout the entire series. Powerful and lightweight. Strict quality control and complete certificates effectively reduce after-sales troubles. If you want to import garden power tools from China, we are your best choice!

  • Voltage: 4V
  • Blade Length/Width: Shear 70mm &Trimmer 100mm
  • Grass trimmer cutting width: 70mm
  • No Load Speed: 0~1100 rpm
  • Optional Accessory: Extension Hand Trolley
  • Working Time: 40mins (2.0Ah)
Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Voltage:2x18V
  • No Load Speed:3500rpm
  • Cutting width:400mm
  • Cutting height:25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65mm
  • Grass bag capacity:40L
  • Working time:40 mins per charge (2.0Ah)
Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  • Voltage: 18V/20V
  • BladeLength/Width: 520mm/550mm/610mm
  • No Load Speed: 1300 rpm
  • Cutting Capacity: 15mm
  • Working Time: 40mins (2.0Ah)


Cordless Chain Saw
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Chian Speed: 7m/s
  • Bar & Chain: 8″Oregon
  • Slop incline: 150ml
  • Working time: 40 mins (4.0Ah)
Cordless Grass Trimmer
  • Voltage: 2x18V
  • No Load Speed:10000rpm
  • Cutting Path:  280mm
  • Trimming Head: 1.5mm Single Bump Feed
Garden Vacuum Blower
  • Voltage: 2×18V
  • Air Speed: 80~200 km/h
  • Max Air Flow: 11.5 m³/min
  • Working Time: 40mins (2.0Ah)


Kings Cordless Garden Power Tools Benefits

Lithium Battery
Lithium Battery

Strong battery life, can be charged at any time without any memory concerns.

Brushless Motor
Brushless Motor

Low noise, long lifespan, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs.

Protection Mechanism
Protection Mechanism

Over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, over load protection, over temperature protection.

Sturdy and Durable
Sturdy and Durable

Adopting anti drop materials, the entire body is sturdy and durable, with a long service life.

Smart Battery Powered Garden Tools

Battery and Charge
Smart Battery Powered Garden Tools
    Single-cell voltage and temperature
    Battery pack manufacture date/batch
    Single-cell rated capacity. current capacity, capacity attenuation ratio
    The times of Battery pack over-load/Short circuit/ Discharging
    over-heating/Charging over-heating/ Low voltage protect/ Charging
    With which tool and charger the battery pack matched
    Automatically send low power message to remind charging
    Tools that can be matched
    Access right
    Working time
    The charger that can be matched
    Access code and customer information
    Using Scope
    Battery pack positioning
Top 10 Cordless Garden Tools Manufacturer in China
Top 10 Cordless Garden Tools Manufacturer in China


2.4A 4.0A 2*3.5A 4*3.5A 2.4A 9A
1.5Ah 30min 20min 25min 25min 40min 20min
2.0Ah 45min 30min 35min 35min 50min 30min
2.5Ah 60min 35min 40min 40min 65min 35min
3.0Ah 65min 45min 45min 45min 75min 45min
4.0Ah 100min 55min 60min 60min 100min 55min
5.0Ah 110min 65min 70min 70min 125min 35min
3.0Ah 65min 45min 55min 55min 75min 45min
4.0Ah 100min 60min 70min 70min 100min 60min
6.0Ah 150min 90min 105min 105min 150min 40min
8.0Ah 200min 120min 140min 140min 200min 55min


What is the Lead Time?

The delivery time can be in 5 days for stock goods and 30-60 days for custom-made tools.

What is the Payment Methods?

Our payment options include T/T, L/C or O/A.

What is the Warranty?

One year  without vandalism.

Can you provide the sample?

Yes, a free sample is available.

What is the MOQ?

The MOQ is 500 PCS. We are a professional power tools wholesaler without retail sales.

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